Bugbittens cryptic crossword puzzle

For a bit of fun we have put together a small cryptic crossword puzzle where the answers relate to parasite and vectors. Hope you enjoy it.

Parasites and vectors enthusiasts,  test out your crossword skills on this little cryptic crossword puzzle. Look out for anagrams, charade-type clues, double definitions and more. Print it out and give it a go:

Parasites and vectors themed cryptic crossword puzzle

Across Clues

2. Worms bit of good luck (5)

4. One who entertains a large number (4)

5. Clock sound – one draws blood (4)

7. Jumble eased for virus transmitter (5)

8. Abnormal, area (8)


Down Clues

1. Information to quote back describing family links (7)

3. French for bad opera piece (7)

4. Gardener’s friend found behind the sickle (8)

6. Covert reordered gives transmitter (6)

9. Beach pest (7)


When you are ready you can find the answers in this upside down image:

Hope you enjoyed it. If you have parasite/vector research related crossword suggestions (clues and answers) why not post them on the comments section below. Maybe they will make it into the next Bugbitten crossword puzzle!

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