BugBitten is recruiting additional editors

BugBitten began in October 2013 as a blog for the parasite and vector- borne diseases community; hosted by Parasites and Vectors.

The blogs we post highlight and discuss the major developments in our field and provide a forum where expert opinions can be sought and educational advice provided. Many of the posting also aim to be of interest to a wider audience and provide some background information on the topic of the blog.

The editors are a small, friendly team who write BugBitten blogs regularly, edit and suggest improvements to blogs before they are published, suggest new topics and recruit guest bloggers.

Our blog is becoming very successful and we are now planning to recruit two additional editors.

If you would like to be considered as an editor and are prepared to contribute a blog every couple of months please get in touch with us at parasitesandvectors@biomedcentral.com.

Other ways you can help

Please spread the word about BugBitten and encourage your friends, colleagues and students to sign up on the BugBitten website to receive alerts when new blogs are written.

BugBitten powerpoint advertWe welcome comments on individual blogs. These can be made under the blog itself.

We would love to hear you opinion of BugBitten. Are the blogs interesting and useful? Are we writing at the right level for you? Do you have suggestion we can use to improve the content or ideas of topics / particular findings you would like us to cover?

Please email us at parasitesandvectors@biomedcentral.com with your comments and suggestions and let us know your field and whether you are a student, researcher or lecturer.

Finally, get in touch if you would like to write a guest blog.


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