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Highlights of the BMC Series – November 2023


Can telehealth help to reliably diagnose autism spectrum disorder in children? How does climate change impact the habitat and conservation efforts of geladas? What do genomes of ancient populations teach us about genetic traits, relatedness, and demographic history? What are the global impacts and contributors to unprofessional behavior among healthcare staff? How can we predict the impact of nicotine vaping in individual countries?

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Whole genomes from the population of the Faroe Islands


In his recent BMC Genomics paper, Professor Hannes Gislason of the University of the Faroe Islands analyses whole genomes from the Faroese population. His study explores SNP heterozygosity, inbreeding, and relatedness over time, which have implications for personalized medicine, genetic disease research, and are of archaeological interest. He estimates that the founding event of the Faroe Islands was between 50-300 AD, potentially 2-3 centuries earlier than previously believed based on archaeological findings.

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APHA 2023: Creating the Healthiest Nation

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The American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting & Expo is the largest public health conference globally. This year’s meeting builds on over 150 years of work to improve the health of the population and reinvigorate the commitment to health as a human right. This blog is a summary of highlights from the meeting I attended in my role as Editor for BMC Public Health.


BMC Environmental Science is now open for submissions!

We are pleased to introduce BMC Environmental Science, an important and timely addition to the BMC Series portfolio. The BMC Series is widely recognized for its commitment to reliable open-access publishing, tailored to the specific needs of the research communities we serve. At a time of unprecedented global change and great uncertainties, scientific information is… Read more »

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World AIDS Day 2023: Highlights from the BMC Series

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World AIDS Day, observed annually on December 1st, is as a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. Since its establishment in 1988, this event has become one of the most significant health awareness campaigns worldwide; uniting communities, organizations, and individuals in the collective effort against HIV/AIDS. In this blog, we acknowledge the progress made in the battle against HIV/AIDS by highlighting the impactful research contributions across the BMC Series.

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