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Revolutionizing medicine: Unlocking the potential of machine learning

The authors of a new article in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth used a machine learning approach to develop four models to evaluate the important variables in predicting fetal heart rate changes after neuraxial analgesia in healthy pregnant patients. Here, Dr. Efrain Riveros and Bibiana Avella discuss the benefits and challenges of machine learning in medicine, as well as the key findings and distinctions between the four models presented in their article.


Highlights of the BMC Series – April 2023


How do cancer patients decide whether to get mental health treatment? — Were ichthyosaurs born head-first or tail-first? — Which pesticides are most commonly used for suicide in Pakistan? — Can a biomarker accurately predict the risk of preterm birth? — What genes are involved in the formation of wing spots in cabbage white butterflies?

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Inequities in maternal vaccination coverage in Australia: The Links2HealthierBubs study, 2012-2017

Maternal vaccination against respiratory infections is crucial to protect pregnant women as well as their newborns after birth. In Australia, influenza and pertussis vaccinations are free to all pregnant women, but uptake is sub-optimal with variations by region, socioeconomic status, and cultural background. In this blog post, the author of a new paper in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth discusses inequities in vaccine uptake among three groups at higher risk of complications from vaccine-preventable infections.

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