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Highlights of the BMC Series – December 2022

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Does the discovery of a neoplasm in a Triassic amphibian complement our knowledge about the origin of cancer? Is there a link between creativity and scientific misconduct? What is the relationship between the aging gut and immune dysregulation? What are the barriers to cervical cancer screening in low-to-medium low income countries? Does documenting patient HPV vaccine refusal improve healthcare provider fidelity?

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Too fast to catch?: a perspective on the state of transposable elements in research

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We would like to attract your attention to our new BMC Genomics collection, titled “Transposable elements”. More information can be found in this blog post written by Guest Editor Gökhan Karakülah and his PhD student Doğa Eskier who discuss the importance of transposable elements (TEs) and shine a spotlight on our current and growing knowledge of TEs.


Call for Papers! Introducing BMC Palliative Care’s New Collection: Spirituality in Palliative Care

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BMC Palliative Care is calling for submissions to our Collection on spiritual support in life threatening illnesses and end of life care. More information has been provided in the Editorial written by the Guest Editors Dr Michael Connolly (University College Dublin, Ireland) and Dr Barry Quinn (Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom).

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