BMC Cancer turns ten

  This year saw BMC Cancer
turn ten.  When the journal published its first volume of 20 articles in
2001 it was one of only a handful of open access titles operating in the field
and was exclusively run by a small team of in-house editors.  A decade
later, the journal’s in-house team is supported by an international group of
Section Editors, Deputy Section Editors, Associate Editors and Editorial
Advisers numbering in the hundreds and has published nearly 3,000 articles.

To mark the end of its 10th year, BMC
is publishing a special anniversary
of commissioned articles.  With contributions from Carlos
Ian Cree, Shoukat Dedhar and many others,
the collection highlights the advances in the field over the
past 10 years and looks forward to the developments that we might expect to see
in the next decade.

Congratulations to BMC Cancer
for reaching this milestone and here’s to the next 10 years.

Philip Dooner          

Journal Development Editor

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