Improving trial efficiency: an interview with Prof Shaun Treweek

BioMed Central had the recent privilege of interviewing Professor Shaun Treweek, where he discussed his passion in making clinical trials more efficient, introduced his methodology paper on the first Trial Forge meeting, published in Trials, and shared with us some tips for fellow researchers on how to promote their research to wider audiences via social media.

Podcast 1 – Introduction: main area of research
Shaun discussed his chosen article to feature and his main area of research – how trial designers and trial methodologists can make randomized trials more efficient.

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Podcast 2 – Why Shaun chooses to publish with Trials
Shaun shared with us why he chose to publish with BMC’s journal Trials, which is a journal that he described as “open to new ideas on how we might present research information in journals”, is a journal that is “bang on the money” for trial methods research, and is “open to doing things differently, ahead of the curve”.

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Podcast 3 –The Trial Forge initiative and making clinical trials better
Shaun explained the Trial Forge Initiative, its aim to make clinical trials better, and how publishers can help improve trial efficiency and use of research.

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Podcast 4 – Tips for fellow researchers on social media use
Some tips to fellow researchers on using blogs and twitter as a way to promote their research to a wider audience.

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The complete Podcast:

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