August blogs digest: the future of the chiropractic profession, schistosomiasis, brexit, and more

Not had a chance to read all our posts from August? Here’s a roundup of what you’ve missed…

The New Chiropractic

Dr Matt Bulman from the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia interviews Editor-in-Chief of Chiropractic & Manual Therapies: Associate Professor Bruce Walker on his article ‘The new chiropractic’ which sets out a ten point plan for the advancement of the profession of chiropractic.

Schistosomiasis Outbreak in Corsica, France

Anouk Gouvras, a postdoctoral researcher at the Natural History Museum tells the story of unexpected cases of urogenital schistosomiasis appearing in France in 2014.

The future for science post-Brexit

In the wake of the EU referendum, Miranda Wilson-Wood looks at both the positive and negative implications that Brexit may hold for science.


From Island Bird song to religion and public health policy.

2016 BMC Ecology Image Competition – The Winning Images! comp-winnerWe announced the winning entries of our 2016 BMC Ecology Image Competition. Take a look at the amazing work of our winning photographers.


It ought to accomplish what is stipulated on the receptacle – why plain English plain-englishmatters: The ISRCTN registry has included plain English summaries in their study records since 2011 and currently contains over 4600 of them. Allison Cuff and Robin Pecker discuss the use of plain English summaries and explore the importance of plain English in research and trials.


Interview with Filipe Dantas-Torres – OBMP winner:filipe-620x342 Srimathy Sriskantharajah interviews Filipe Dantas-Torres, the winner 2016 Odile Bain Memorial Prizes. Find out about his career, his interest in parasitology and parasitology in Brazil.


The Aleppo evil, or the lesser known scars of war:allepoThe war in Syria has wreaked havoc on the countries health system. Karina Mondragon-Shem describes how this has led to outbreaks of cutaneous leishmaniasis, known locally as Allepo evil.


Evolutionary lessons in the songs of island birds: To celebrate the launchbluechaffich-teidefink-wikipedia-620x342 of BMC Zoology, we feature two articles illustrating how subtle variations, such as those found in birdsong, have the potential to provide new fascinating evolutionary insights.


Sniffing out a new mouse model for investigating Alzheimer’s disease: alzheimers-blog-fig-2Dr Kristina Endres and Dr Ulrich Schmitt highlight their study published in BMC Neuroscience, investigated Alzheimer’s disease using nose to brain delivery of Amyloid-beta peptides in mice.


The influence of religion on public health policy:religion Dr Sima Barmania reflects on her research, published in BMC Public Health, which examines the relationship between public health policy and faith in Malaysia.


Afraid of malaria? Get a chicken:800px-henhead-620x342 Find out how chickens can repel malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Hilary Hurd highlights a recent study in Malaria Journal

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