BioMed Central and Edanz host free "Open Access and Scientific Writing" workshops in China

BioMed Central and Edanz
hosted two complimentary workshops for authors in China last month. Zhejiang
University School of Medicine (ZUSM), a BioMed Central member, and Shanghai
Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTU-SM), hosted more than 140
scientists at seminars, led by Ms Diane Wang, Publishing Manager China for BioMed Central, and Dr Warren Raye, Senior Life Sciences
Editor for Edanz.

Dr Warren Raye, Senior Life Sciences Editor for EdanzThe workshops comprised two lectures, “BioMed Central:
Making Scientific Findings More Open" and "How to Write and Publish
Scientific Articles". Attendees learnt about the open access publishing
landscape and BioMed Central’s open access journal portfolio, as well as
hearing key points  on manuscript
preparation and submission, including study design, journal selection,
manuscript structure and common language mistakes.

East Asia is the fastest growing source of papers for all
STM publishers: the number of peer-reviewed articles published by Chinese
researchers alone has risen 64-fold over the past 30 years. In addition, BioMed
Central has witnessed an astonishing 168% rise in the number of papers
submitted from authors based in mainland China in the last two years. Services
such as Edanz, for which BioMed Central authors receive a discount, provide
scientists from this region with cost-effective and comprehensive English language support
throughout the peer review process. 

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