Computer Aid International and BioMed Central partnership moves into its fifth year – bringing access and support to the developing world

BioMed Central has been working with Computer Aid International since 2006 with a conjoined aim of providing the developing world with access to scientific research. Together they organized the landmark Open Access in Africa event last year and 2011 represents fifth year of this successful partnership. Moira Vincent from Computer Aid International and Matthew Cockerill, Managing Director at BioMed Central, speak about the work they do together.

Moira Vincent is a Fundraiser at Computer Aid International:

“This year you’ll be hearing a lot from us at Computer Aid International (CAI). Our work bridges the digital divide in developing communities by providing professionally refurbished ICT equipment to schools, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations. To date, we have provided over 175,000 PCs to more than 100 countries across Africa and Latin America and 2011 is set to be yet another fantastic year for fundraising.

BioMed Central has been working closely with CAI for more than four years now with employees raising money throughout last year to improve IT accessibility at Kenyatta University (Kenya). These proceeds enabled CAI to refurbish and ship 225 PCs for research staff and students to accelerate research projects and learning. In addition, staff took part in a host of other initiatives to raise money for our cause including a charity run, pub quizzes, coffee mornings and a charity auction.

For 2011, BioMed Central employees (including Gulliver) will be participating in CAI’s popular London to Paris Bike Ride in May – and I, of course, will be going too!”
Matthew Cockerill, Managing Director at BioMed Central, said of the partnership:

“As we move into our fifth year working together, our relationship with Computer Aid International goes from strength to strength. It is our pleasure to take part in a variety of their fundraising initiatives, likewise we appreciate all the help and support they give us in our own projects including 2010’s Open Access in Africa event.

We are committed to engaging in initiatives such as these which benefit developing countries. We look forward to doing even more with CAI in 2011 and our efforts are already under way with a number of staff in training for the London to Paris Bike Ride!”

Keep an eye out for Computer Aid International’s blog posts over the coming months as they send us updates of their work and initiatives you can get involved in.

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