Open Repository Attends the DINI/Helmholtz Workshop

DINI/Helmholtz Workshop

Open Repository had great pleasure to be invited to present at a Helmholtz open access workshop in cooperation with the German Initiative for Networked Information (DINI), hosted by Humboldt University Berlin.

About DINI

The development of modern information and communication technology requires a change in the information infrastructure of universities and other research institutions. The German Initiative for Networked Information (DINI) was established to promote and manage this change, including through agreements, cooperation, recommendations and standards.

The Workshop was well attended by representatives of German universities and research institutes and was an opportunity to share best practice and hear initiatives of the institutional repositories that are well established there.  Further information is available here.

Open Repository hosted a presentation about the benefits of implementing a repository, and included a case study on the Helmholtz Centre for Infectious Diseases, whom we have worked in partnership with since 2004.  The presentation was entitled ‘Drivers and Benefits of a Hosted Solution’ and is available to view here.

For further information on how we can help organizations with their hosted repository needs, please refer to our website.

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