BMC Medical Physics – linking physicists and physicians to improve treatment and diagnosis of disease


Central is proud to announce the launch of BMC
Medical Physics
, the latest addition to its successful BMC series of journals.  This journal will be guided by an all new Editorial Board and will publish research on the latest advances in medical physics.

application of physics to the diagnosis and management of human disease
has developed rapidly in recent years . Electrocardiograms, mammograms
and ultrasound scans have become familiar aspects of routine
healthcare. Radiation therapy plays a major role in cancer treatment,
and positron
emission tomography is increasingly used in diagnosis and evaluation. 
Magnetic resonance imaging, both functional
and structural, is being used to understand the basis of a variety of neurologic
and psychiatric diseases.

BMC Medical Physics continues from its predecessor, BMC Nuclear Medicine, but has broadened its scope to cover research on all aspects of radiobiology,
radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, imaging, photomedicine and
physiological measurement.

BMC Medical Physics aims to provide
researchers in the field of medical physics with an open access venue where
they can communicate and discuss technological or theoretical
developments as well as novel applications of physics to medicine and
physiology.  BMC-series
journals impose no limits on the length of article or the number of
images, so medical physics researchers will be able to present full
movies and high quality color images at no extra cost.  This freedom,
combined with the BMC series’ rapid peer review, makes BMC Medical Physics an outstanding venue
for physicists and physicians working in medical physics to publish their research.

addition to its renewed scope and aims, BMC
Medical Physics
sets off with a new international Editorial
The peer review process for
the journal is managed by external academic Associate Editors, in collaboration
with the BMC-series in-house editorial team, under the oversight of Melissa
Norton, the BMC series’ Editor-in-Chief.

to BMC Medical Physics are fully
peer-reviewed and articles are published immediately on acceptance. Like all the medical journals in the BMC series, BMC Medical Physics
operates an open peer review process
which means that reviewers are asked to provide signed reports for authors, and
also that the reviews will be made publicly available as part of the published
article’s ‘Pre-publication history’.

BMC Medical Physics  is indexed by PubMed,
CAS, and Google Scholar. Articles published by BMC Nuclear Medicine will continue to be available via the BMC Medical Physics website.

you are interested in submitting a manuscript or being involved with the
journal as a reviewer, Editorial Board Member, or Associate Editor, or if you
would like further information about BMC
Medical Physics,
please contact us.

welcome feedback and suggestions from readers, reviewers and members of the
Editorial Board for areas of research and discussion that would be of interest
to the journal’s audience.

Assistant Editor

-series journals

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dr. jayashree gopal

I congratulate you on this new initiative which is long overdue. I am a physician, and have been helping with a project that involves deeper understanding of the interface between medicine and physics, and not only related to diagnostic or therapeutic modalities, but also the physiological aspects. It becomes clear as one delves deeper that the seperation between biology/physics/chemistry/maths is artificial, and attempts should be made to integrate medical education, and certainly, continuing medical education with the other specialities.

Dr. Jayashree Gopal,
Senior Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist,
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

juan francisco de la rosa león

I think that it’s a very good new for us

dr.vasanthi kachirayan

Hi Jeyashree:
Long time no hear!
This is Vasanthi hoping you are the MMC 1991 grad I knew!
I was googling and found your post.
I absolutely positively agree that medicine is a spectrum of applied sciences biology,physics ,math,chemistry that all work together to sustain or change a beings’ state.
Being involved in Laser medicine now I am amazed by the power of light.
While growing up physics was my weakest link , now it is indeed my best friend!
Best Regards,
Dr.Vasanthi K MD

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