More PubMed integration in Open Repository

One of Open Repository’s most useful additions has been the ability to automatically retrieve metadata from PubMed given a PubMed ID. In the last couple of days, this integration has been taken a little further.

Now, when submitting an item, if you have used a PubMed identifier, on reaching the ‘Upload a file’ screen the system will contact PubMed and attempt to see if there is anywhere that hosts the full text for that article. If PubMed does have links for the full text, then these will be displayed on the page, allowing you to easily get to other sources of the full text so that you can upload it to your repository.

Note, that this only displays during the submission process, and it is up to the user and/or admin to ensure that the repository has the rights to host any files obtained.

Click here for an example of this functionality.

Also, on the preview sites is an additional feature that will display related articles in PubMed for any item that has been assigned a PubMed identifier – click here for an example. As ever, please give us any feedback you may have.

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