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Yesterday, another new feature was added to the Open Repository service. The file-type analyzer is linked to from the admin menu, and allows administrators to see a breakdown of the content types within their repository of the numbers of items and the file types they contain.

The main page lists the various file types within the repository, the number of items containing each file type, and how many of each file type in total (e.g. 10 items with Adobe PDF and 12 PDF files in total)

The details can be drilled down in to. Therefore, you can view each of the 10 items, and see exactly how many of each file type an item contains.

The display also shows the reverse: i.e. which items don’t contain a certain file type but which files these items do contain.

The total number of metadata only items is also displayed, which again can be expanded to view each of these items.

The total number of items with files + total number of metadata only files = total number of items in the repository.

This tool is available for all production and pilot repositories.


We’ve also added RefWorks as one of the citation management download options, alongside EndNote and ReferenceManager.

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andrew marlow

I am interested in the ability of digital libraries to export citations in a number of formats (EndNote, Refer, BibTeX). I would like to see this added to DSpace. Since OpenRepository is based on DSpace does this mean the DSpace changes are done? If so then when will they be contributed back to the DSpace community please?

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