New item move tool released for Open Repository

It’s been a little quiet on the blog this month, if not in the office. We’re proud to announce that Medecins Sans FrontieresNorthumbria University and Helsebibliotekets are all moving towards their full production releases, and also to welcome the Museum of London as our newest customer.

As always we’ve been fixing and tweaking where we can, improving speed and efficiency as we go, especially in relation to the browse pages. Meanwhile  DSpace 1.5, the majority of which we implemented last year, has gone into Beta testing for release in March.

We’ve also just released a new tool, a late addition to DSpace 1.5, that will help administrators with requests to move content around the repository. Whilst a tool to drag and drop communities and collections is still some way off, items can now be moved from one collection into another. Furthermore mapped items can also be moved to a new mapping location.

Therefore, if you want to move the contents of one collection into another, or into a couple of collections, this can now be done, albeit one item at a time. This means that with a little careful planning, the creation of new collections, moving of items and deletion of old collections, essentially what we have is a tool to enable a moveable hierarchy!

The item move is carried out through the Edit item page, and full instructions have been sent to senior administrators and will be added to the next version of the admin manual, due at the end of this month.

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