Improved BioMed Central open access advocacy pages

BioMed Central’s authors, editors and readers have done a great job of spreading the word about open access. We know from author surveys that a large share of submissions to our journals are sent to us on the basis of personal recommendations from colleagues, often previous BioMed Central authors.

With this in mind, we have recently revamped our open access advocacy pages to make it easier to find relevant resources promoting our open access journals. We have  added an selection of colorful downloadable posters promoting some of our most popular journals – ideal for brightening up a dull corner of the lab…


We will be creating additional posters over the coming months. If the specific journal poster you would like is not available, or if you would like to receive printed promotional material to distribute (posters, postcards and leaflets about BioMed Central and/or about specific open access journals), please let us know

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