Amy McKenzie and colleagues

Amy McKenzie, PhD is the Director of Research and Innovation at Virta Health, where her research focuses on the development and clinical applications of a continuous remote care model through which patients are advised how to achieve and sustain nutritional ketosis for improved health outcomes.

Shaminie Athinarayanan, PhD is an Associate Director of Clinical Research at Virta Health working on clinical projects related to nutritional ketosis and type 2 diabetes and its associated complications. She has a PhD in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences focused on NAFLD and pharmacogenomics.

Sarah Hallberg, DO, MS is the Medical Director at Virta Health and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Lipidology. She is also Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine and Executive Director of The Nutrition Coalition.

Brittanie Volk, PhD, RD is a research scientist at Virta Health, where she began in 2014. As Associate Director of Clinical Research and member of the American Diabetes Association, she remains committed to the research and translation of science-based nutrition.

Dr. med. Katharina Lechner is a board certified internist with a special interest in lipidology. She does translational research on lifestyle factors and cardiovascular disease. Personally and professionally, she is passionate about determinants of health span/cardiovascular aging and is currently training at the German Heart Center on Munich to become a preventive cardiologist.

Sarah King has a PhD in Biological Sciences and Public Health from Harvard University and has been working at UCSF (previously Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute) in the field of lipoprotein research since 2012.She enjoys the challenges of scientific experimentation (especially trying to figure out “unexpected” outcomes) and is passionate about mentoring young scientists through the Summer Student Research Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.

James McCarter MD PhD is Medical Director at Abbott Biowearables and Adjunct Professor at Washington University School of Medicine. Previously, he was Head of Research and Clinical Operations at Virta Health and President and Chief Scientific Officer of Divergence, Inc.

Ronald M. Krauss, MD is Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and Dolores Jordan Endowed Chair at UCSF, and Adjunct Professor of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology at UC Berkeley. His work identified the atherogenic dyslipidemic phenotype of type 2 diabetes, and the impact of lower carbohydrate intake and weight loss on this trait.