Dr Giulia Marchetti & Dr Camilla Tincati

Giulia Marchetti, MD, PhD is currently Associate Professor at the University of Milan – Department of Health Sciences at San Paolo Hospital. Dr. Marchetti is an internationally recognized scientist who specializes in HIV and AIDS research. In particular, she has been involved in studies of HIV pathogenesis, therapies and HIV-related co-morbidities since 1996, and has authored or co-authored 114 original peer-reviewed publications in this field. Her work has contributed to advancements in understanding the immunological pathways behind inefficient immune reconstitution in HIV-infected patients treated with virologically-suppressive therapy. Dr Marchetti’s work has also contributed to the international scientific debate on the pathogenetic mechanism of persisting immune activation and inflammation in virologically-suppressed therapy.

Dr. Tincati is an Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Milan, Italy. Dr. Tincati is interested in understanding how HIV infection alters the gut structure and mucosal immune populations, leading to microbial translocation and peripheral immune activation.

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