Dr Eleni Mantzari & Professor Theresa Marteau

Dr Eleni Mantzari is a Behavioural Scientist with training in Health Psychology and expertise in Health Promotion and Public Health. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating interventions for changing health related-behaviours that contribute to ill health. She is currently a Lecturer in Health Services Research at the Department of Health Services Research and Management, City University of London and a visiting senior researcher at the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge.

Professor Theresa Marteau is Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on the development and evaluation of interventions to change behaviour to improve population health and reduce health inequalities. She is a Commissioner for the EAT-Lancet 2.0 Commission on Food, Planet and Health, and co-chairs The Lancet-Chatham House Commission on improving population health post COVID-19.

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