Monica Dolton, Margaret Horton, PhD & Professor Clare Verrill

Monica Dolton is a Research Project Manager in the Verrill Pathology Group, Nuffield Dept of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford. Monica has worked in the department since 2005 and has significant experience in managing large European consortium projects in particular, including roles as Work Package Manager and Steering Committee member.Monica is also a Departmental Mentor and, during a secondment, helped to write research impact cases for the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.
Monica is the Programme Manager and Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Lead on the ARTICULATE PRO study, which is investigating the deployment of AI (computer assisted technology) in the prostate cancer pathway by using Paige Prostate to assist pathologists when reading prostate biopsies.The project has a strong patient and public involvement and engagement strategy and is committed to leading the way in improving public trust in AI and in effective AI governance for patient benefit.

Margaret Horton is Vice President of Clinical Partnerships and Evidence Generation at Paige, a software company providing AI solutions to pathologists for cancer diagnosis. Margaret joined Paige in 2020 and oversees the global external study program, collaborating with diverse institutions and leaders in pathology to critically study the impact of AI-based digital solutions on pathological diagnosis. She holds a doctorate in chemical engineering and has held various business, technical, and scientific leadership roles in the medical device industry.
Margaret is industry lead for the ARTICULATE PRO study, funded by the Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award in the United Kingdom, run by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) in partnership with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). In the ARTICULATE PRO study, Paige Prostate is used across three hospitals in England to prospectively study health economics. Patient and public engagement is central to the study and its conception.

Clare Verrill is Associate Professor of Cellular Pathology with the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences at the University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Cellular Pathologist with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Her sub specialty is urological pathology and has her own research group focusing on digital pathology and AI.The NHS Cellular Pathology Laboratory in Oxford has achieved the milestone of scanning 100% of surgical histology workload under her oversight. She is Oxford Principal Investigator for Oxford PathLAKE (one of the UK Government’s AI Centres of Excellence) and has worked with computer science partners to develop AI. She is the Principal Investigator of a Phase IV AI in Healthcare study to evaluate Paige Prostate AI in NHS settings and a Turing Fellow with the Alan Turing Institute.

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